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At SFW, our classes are geared not only to teach our students ideas, skills, and concepts necessary for the moment, but are focused on turning our students into lifelong learners and passionate Jews, who will continuously learn and grow throughout their lives. Therefore, in our classes you will find a carefully designed balance between information and ideas on the one hand, and on skills and tools on the other. Students are introduced to sophisticated concepts and are challenged to hone their thinking skills, as our faculty members guide them in their study and as they deepen their connection to Torah and apply it to their own lives.
Our students are offered a wide range of shiurim, each of which has its own individual combination of both chavruta and shiur time. Girls have an opportunity to “drive” their own schedules be choosing from the multitude of course offerings in Tanach, Halacha, Machshava, Talmud, Jewish history, and more. Of course, we do have required core courses in Kashrut and Hilchot Shabbat.
Beyond the regular schedule of shiurim, we offer a large number of after hours chaburot given by faculty members. In these chaburot, our students can take advantage of a small learning group and have an opportunity to learn together, b’chavruta, with a teacher and a number of classmates, exploring a topic of their choice.
Our courses have been accredited by numerous colleges and universities, and we participate in Joint Programs with Yeshiva University, Touro College, and the Teacher’s Institute of Chicago.

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