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Since sefarim in Israel are relatively inexpensive and, because of weight allowances on your baggage, we usually do not recommend bringing many sefarim to Israel. Of course, if you have a favorite sefer, such as a siddur or Chumash, bring it by all means.

However, if you are interested in bringing sefarim we recommend:

  1. Tanach
  2. Chumash with Rashi (preferably Mikraot Gedolot)
  3. Siddur for weekdays and Shabbat
  4. Machzorim for the Yamim Noraim
  5. Shmirat Shabbat K’hilchata

SFW celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut in a most special and powerful way with tefillot, a chagiga and other memorable activities. However, it should be noted that our love for Israel permeates the entire year – from beginning to end, not just on Yom Ha’atzmaut!

Throughout the year we enjoy overnight tiyulim across Eretz Yisrael. These fun and exciting tiyulim create lifelong memories. With a Tanach in hand we experience the intersection of the past, present and future of our Land.

A most unique aspect of our program is Siyurim and Shiurim where students dedicate time to the study of a wide variety of biblically and historically significant locations in Eretz Yisrael. The following week, students are taken to the very places they learned about and bring history to life by walking in the footsteps of their predecessors.

At Sha’alvim for Women we believe that living Torah is as important as learning Torah. To that end, our weekly chesed programs provide our students with a variety of opportunities to give to those in need throughout Yerushalayim.

Sha’alvim for Women students spend Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur at Yeshivat Sha’alvim where they participate in the Yeshiva’s inspirational tefilot and enjoy an exclusive program of sichot, Shiurim and seudot together.

Our dorm is always open and the Av and Em Bayit host any girls who stay in for Shabbat. There is always warm food, a Shabbat atmosphere and a friendly environment. Students are also always welcome at the homes of our faculty. Additionally, our madrichot are happy to help students who don’t have family and would like to find accommodations in locations throughout Israel.

Nightly curfew is midnight. All students are expected to be present in the building at that time. Students are required to sign in with the madricha each night between 10:00pm and 12:00 AM. Motzaei Shabbat curfew is also at 12:00 AM. For the safety and concern of our students, curfew at Shaalvim for Women is strictly enforced.

Your year in Israel can best be experienced with consistency, continuity, and focus. Each shiur, program, tiyul, and shabbaton is designed to be an integral part of your greater development this year. Similarly, the uniqueness of each student at Sha’alvim for Women contributes to the larger group of students and therefore one student’s absence is felt by all. Your friends, roommates, teachers, and chavrutot, all depend on each other to create a growth-oriented environment. This can only occur with everyone’s total cooperation and participation. Students are therefore expected to participate fully in every aspect of the Sha’alvim for Women experience, both in and out of the classroom.   

Many of our shiurim and sichot  are taught in Hebrew. Since our students create their own schedules based on their choices of shuirim, how many Hebrew shiurim a Sha’alvim for Women student takes is largely a function of her own scheduling choices.

Many shiurim do not conduct formal assessments at the end of each semester (see below) however, some do. Of the shiurim that do have a formal assessment, some distribute formal exams though most do not.

Students receive grades based on attendance, class participation and class assignments and projects. Grades are distributed via transcript at the end of the academic year.

Our year of study is equivalent to at least 32 credits, which are accepted by many universities, including Stern College, Touro College, and others. The exact number of credits that individual universities grant for Sha’alvim for Women courses is based largely on the university’s policy.

Balanced, nutritious meals are served three times each day, including Shabbat for those girls who choose to stay in school. Each “dirah” (dormitory apartment) is equipped with a kitchenette and refrigerator. In addition, burners, toasters, and microwaves are available in the main kitchen for students’ use.

We have coin-operated washing machines and dryers available in the building. In addition, a dry cleaner is located down the block, which also provides laundry service for a fee.

SFW tuition includes medical insurance which allows students to visit private doctors and covers emergency hospitalization (dental, optical, psychological, psychiatric and ongoing treatment costs are not covered)

If you have a pre-existing condition, please email us so we can discuss your specific coverage

We are very happy that parents visit their daughters in Israel. It sends a message to them that we are all involved in their growth. Please feel free to sit in on any shiurim or sichot that occur during your visit here. We encourage any and all participation with SFW and our programs.

When you miss shiurim, tiyulim, special programs, etc. at SFW, much of your learning in general is placed “on hold.” Coming back to class after an absence is difficult because of the missed material. Even more difficult, however, is returning to the routine – mentally and physically – after such a break. In addition, when someone misses shiur, her chavruta and roommates are also adversely affected.

Therefore, aside from the Pesach break, students may not travel to chutz la’aretz without permission from the Menahel.  In general, permission will only be granted for immediate family smachot. Visits for other reasons to chutz la’aretz – such as visits to cousins or grandparents – will not be allowed.

All visas and visa-related matters are taken care of by greater Yeshivat Sha’alvim. This is true even for students who hold dual citizenship in America and in Israel. For many years, Sha’alvim has successfully managed the visas of its overseas students saving both time and hassle for our students and their parents.

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