At Sha’alvim for Women, we take great pride in our incredible Madrichot. A few years older than the students, these four wonderful young women bring their life experience and personal journey of having spent a year in Israel themselves to create a nurturing and supportive environment for our girls.

Living side by side with our students, our Madrichot are the go-to people for anything and everything. Whether it’s academic guidance, personal support, or simply a friendly chat, our Madrichot are always there with open hearts and attentive ears. Their own experiences enable them to understand the challenges our students may face and our Madrichot develop genuine and lasting personal relationships with our girls.

Safety and accountability are paramount to us, and our Madrichot take this responsibility seriously. Every night, they diligently sign in each girl, ensuring everyone is accounted for and cared for. In times of illness, our Madrichot accompany girls to doctor visits, providing comforting company and support.

Our Madrichot’s role extends far beyond being compassionate listeners; they are also fantastic program planners 🙂 Ensuring unity within the dorms is their specialty, and they organize fun and exciting programs. They also join students for tiyulim and help us create a healthy balanced atmosphere where girls can have fun, make memories, and build lifelong friendships while experiencing a year of meaningful learning and growth.