Eim Bayit

At Sha’alvim for Women, we understand that a year away from home can be both exhilarating and challenging. That’s why we have a dedicated and caring “Eim Bayit” – our campus mom – to ensure that every student feels safe, nurtured, and supported throughout their journey with us.

The Eim Bayit plays a pivotal role in the physical well-being of our students. From helping with all medical assistance and liaising with AIM, our trusted insurance company, to making doctor’s appointments and following up with girls who aren’t feeling well, our Eim Bayit is a reliable and compassionate health advocate for each student.

Our Eim Bayit is the go-to person for anything that requires attention in the building. From repairing facilities to maintaining a comfortable living environment, she ensures that our students have a cozy and functional space to call home.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of our Eim Bayit’s role is her dedication to making sure each girl finds a place for Shabbat. She oversees the needs of each students, checking in that everyone has a warm and welcoming Shabbat experience.

A true “mom” away from home, our Eim Bayit makes regular rounds in the dorms to meet face-to-face with every girl. This personal touch allows her to check on their well-being, listen to their concerns, and offer a caring and understanding ear. Whether it’s homesickness or academic challenges, our Eim Bayit is always there to provide a supportive presence and create a sense of family within the dormitory.